Starting a journey

Kiki the tiny tiger has been in my son, Eli’s, life since Eli was one year old. Their bond has resulted in Eli’s fervent passion for all things Tiger! Kiki’s been through a lot of cuddles and lost his voice in 2013. It’s okay, he is still very much loved and a special part of our small family.

Recently Kiki welcomed a baby brother, Koko, who looks just like Kiki but is just younger and softer as babies tend to be! He has his voice and that’s a good thing because it lets us know when he needs his bottle.

This July Eli is staying with his dad for two weeks and taking Koko with him because Koko is still a baby and needs special care.

While Eli and his brother and Koko are away I thought it would be really special to take Kiki with me on a fun trip and this blog will help Eli and Koko to see the fun things Kiki is up to as we see the world. This is going to be fun! Kiki is hopping up and down in excitement!

Here is a picture of Eli with Koko.



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