Mary Poppins!

Kiki and I enjoyed a youth production of “Mary Poppins” in La Jolla. Meara did the choreography.

Kiki really wanted to go up on the stage but he didn’t know any lines.

Can you see Mary Poppins? Kiki had to sit on my lap for a better view.


Aunt Lisa, Kiki and I had a fun time.


I let Kiki wear Mary Poppins’ hat!


I told people about what Kiki and I were doing and this lady said her name was Kiki!! Also, her son (in the background) had a stuffy lion at age 1 named Koko! At one point when he was 6 he lost Koko and for another one to replace it. What a funny coincidence.


After the play we went to a fancy Mexican restraint for dinner and Kiki was told by the waitress, ” hey, no animals allowed!” I explained he doesn’t bite or scratch so she let him stay and even gave him a Mexico flag.




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