La Jolla Beach

We took Kiki to the La Jolla Shores and took a selfie as soon as we arrived. I was wearing stripes too!

Then we ran straight to the beautiful, warm water! I got to show off my new little bikini. Kiki went in the water naked, but then he is always naked!


Kiki saw the surfers and really wanted to try it out. So I pulled some strings and…


Kiki went surfing for the first time ever! He said he saw a shark out there but I think he was just joking.


Kiki and Meara swam around a bit. We all saw a big fish about 30cm long!


Then we made sand castles with some kids.


Next we did some serious tanning. Look how dark his stripes are now!


Kiki didn’t like the seaweed at first and wanted me to hold on to him, but once he learned it’s just plants that live in the ocean he wasn’t scared anymore. Wasn’t that brave?



We also talked to the very friendly and fit young lifeguards.



Afterward we got more Mexican food. We are it so fast we forgot to take pictures.


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