First Class, Baby

It’s not every day I am up at 4 am to get to the airport then drive 7 hours. Then take Ryan to a sleep study where I sleep on the couch. (More on that in an upcoming post). It was a long day of travel.


Kiki and I have never flown First Class. Today when they offered the upgrade for only $50 more I jumped at the opportunity. It’s not every day that experience comes along, and Kiki and I are totally worth it.

So the chairs are way roomier and comfy. Awesome.


Were we offered anything we wanted to drink right away. Then after in the air we were given got lemon scented hot steamy face cloths. Kiki said it made washing up much easier than using his tongue as usual.


Then we were offered breakfast. It was so tasty!! And there were real utensils, real glass glasses, cloth napkins, fantastic service. And we got off the plane first. We really enjoyed feeling spoiled. Kiki never wants to fly sardine class again.



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