Monthly Archives: December 2014

Ladies’ Day in Maple Ridge

Angela took us out in her truck with Aunt Marlene for a fun Maple Ridge day. As we were driving Koko saw a really cool hydro-electric damn so we stopped to have our pictures taken.




Next we went to a really weird store owned by Angela’s friend. They sell army gear, funny stickers (it’s a good thing Koko can’t read yet) and machetes! Koko wanted to bring one home for Eli but mom said he’s not old enough for a machete yet.



Then Koko watched mom trying on big poofy ball gowns and fancy evening gowns at Value Village. It was kind of boring for Koko. Silly mom, she bought three dresses but argued they cost less than one of them would have new at her favourite formal dress store, le Chateau.

Cousin Angela was just as bored with the experience.


Next we stopped for lunch at a strange little diner that looks like a shipping container! Koko ate lots of French fries.




Pub Night with Angela and Richard

Cousin Angela and her boyfriend, Richard took mom and Koko to the Billy Miner Pub. Apparently the place is named after a famous train robber! Koko wasn’t nervous because he knew people don’t rob trains anymore.

Richard took a couple pictures of us and a goofy stranger photobombed us. Mom just laughed at him, so Koko thought it was funny too.



Winter Driving Lesson

After a day hanging out at home and mom staying up way too late, Koko and mom decided to visit Auntie Marlene and Uncle Gary and cousin Angela in Maple Ridge. Just last week Eli and the whole family visited them but they are so awesome and mom loves driving that it made perfect sense to go again.

Here we are about to leave the driveway. Mom let Koko sit in the front seat, like a big kid, er, tiger.


We made our usual stop at Costco in Kamloops. Mom treated the Prius to a really full tank tummy for the ride over the snowy mountains. Premium gas too!!
Mom lost $70 when it fell out of her pocket and Koko was sad, but mom said it probably went to someone who needs it more than she did. That’s just the way life goes.

Koko had his very first driving lesson, just like Kiki did last summer! Mom took him out to the Coquihalla highway and let him steer. She started him out slow, below the speed limit.


Soon enough we were up to ludicrous speed and blasting lots of new music mom has gotten into recently. You know, Artists like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Lily Allen, Dragonette and Kongos. Mom danced in her seat and sang so loud it hurt Koko’s ears.


We saw a really unusual rainbow up in the mountains. It wasn’t raining and was not a full arc. Mom and Kiki thought it may just be space aliens and didn’t stop to investigate further, just in case they were of the bum-probing variety.


Another Adventure

It’s been a few months since Eli and Mom had to be apart for more than a couple days. Christmas break meant another special trip for a tiger, but this time Eli thought Kiki’s little brother, Koko, deserved a holiday with mom.

We said our goodbyes. Koko took this picture of us. Ryan always makes such funny Grumpy Cat faces!

Here we are taking a selfie with Koko. Mom is still in her PJ’s, just like last time Eli left home for a few days.