Seattle visit!

On January 1 mom got up early to finish her knitting. She made a purple scarf for Angela, isn’t that nice? Koko said it was very warm and soft.
Mom and Koko then drove over the international border to the USA. Maybe the border guard didn’t think tigers should come into Washington state or something, because he searched mom’s car and was really cranky. Mom had wanted to ask to have Koko’s picture taken with the officer and is glad she didn’t ask him because he would have frowned in the picture.
We got to Bridgette and Richard’s house and played tons of fun board games. Here is Koko with Aidan and Gabbi. The kids were super sad Eli and Ryan couldn’t come along for this trip.
Here are two new members of the household Eli has not yet met. The orange kitty is a boy named Jinx and the fluffy tabby is a girl named Spooky! Koko cuddled up with them by the fireplace and had a nap. Spooky even started cleaning and kissing Koko! Isn’t that so sweet?


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