Koko Joins the Symphony!

How many baby tigers do you think have been to the symphony?  I am guessing very few. Well, this baby tiger did even better than that!  He got to experience what it is like to play IN the symphony with Mom!

Here is Koko getting the violin ready to play with the Kamloops Symphony!


Next Koko went to a rehearsal.  This is a fancy word for “practice.”  He met some really nice musicians who made a lot of noise. At first the musicians were nervous that there was a tiger in the rehearsal space!

2015-03-05 19.46.27

But soon enough Koko had taught them how to be fierce like tigers and they were getting along just fine!

2015-03-05 20.43.38

The symphony’s flute player, Jeff, did such a good tiger roar it even scared Mom!

2015-03-05 20.43.40 2015-03-05 20.43.39

The next day he and Mom out on the stage during another rehearsal.  He was nervous seeing the big stage and hundreds of seats out in front, but Mom told him to start by waving the conductor’s stick when no one else was around. He enjoyed this so much he asked if he could conduct the concert.  Maybe next time, Koko.


Koko tried playing the French Horn, but just fell inside the bell!  Silly Tiger!


He then saw the Double Bass, which is a lot like a GIANT violin.


Then he tried playing the Timpani.  He loved the way they sounded like big, booming bombs when he hit the mallets hard!


He finished off playing in the second violin section with mom.  At one point he was spooked by the nearby viola section, which looked a lot like it was overtaken by pirates!  Mom laughed and said, “Silly tiger, those are just viola players. That’s just the way they dress.”


Here is some of the wind section and the violin sections just before the last rehearsal, which they call the “dress rehearsal.”  Koko was confused because no one wore dresses!

2015-03-07 12.51.26

Koko was amazed how LONG the musicians must rehearse.  It is hours and hours of practice, but mom says it is worth it for the beautiful music they make together.  The treat at the end is to play the concert. Okay, and it is always a special treat for all the musicians to have dinner a drinks after the rehearsals together.  So much of what makes music fun is the relationships the musicians develop together.

This picture shows mom and Koko spending time with lots of wind players, the conductor and a bass player.  She was the only violinist, but then again, Koko was the only TIGER!


At the end, Mom and Koko were so busy playing in the concert they didn’t take pictures of it.  But here is a picture of them as they were about to go on stage to perform!

2015-03-07 19.08.27

And here is a picture of them after the concert coming back to mom’s billets’ house.  Billets are really nice people who let musicians who live far away stay in their homes during concerts.  It is so much easier for mom to do this than to drive home at midnight, but it also means she misses her Eli!

You can’t really see Koko because he fell asleep in her purse during the drive home! Can you see his paw inside the red purse?

2015-03-07 21.47.08

Here is mom with her billet friends, Kyle, JP and Ryan.  Mom was happy to have played another concert, but so sad it would be another month until she could do it again with the Kamloops Symphony.

2015-03-07 22.13.28


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