Another Orchestra?

Just when Koko thought the symphony was done, mom still had her usual Sunday rehearsal with the Brandenburg Orchestra.  Mom is a sectionleader with this orchestra, which means she is the boss of the second violins and helps them to make their bows all go the right direction at the same time and she gives them hints to play the music more beautifully.  Mom enjoys being a member of these two groups because she says music “feeds her soul.”  Koko found that comment to be confusing because no one EATS music there!

Here is Koko helping Mom play violin and lead some of the second violin players.


Here is mom’s violin teacher and symphony colleague, Jane.  She really liked the cuddle Koko gave her!


Mom likes to enjoy some really yummy food when she is in Kamloops with orchestra.  It’s tricky being there because she doesn’t have a house to go to and cook, but Koko didn’t seem to mind eating nothing but restaurant food the whole time!

Mom does this so much with symphony and orchestra weekends she has even made friends with some of the restaurant owners!  Koko got to meet some of these friends: the owner and her son at the Indian restaurant!



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