Yay! Another Plane Trip!

After all the orchestra and symphony rehearsals and concerts were done, Mom and Koko went to the airport in Kamloops for a flight. Did you know Kamloops has an airport?  The last time Mom flew out of this airport she was pregnant with Ryan!  That was waaaayyy back in 2000 when mom first played with the Kamloops Symphony and was a guest violin player with an Opera company in Dawson Creek!  It’s been a long time and mom looks forward to flying out of this airport many more times in months to come!


Koko was super excited to fly out!


Here is what Kamloops looks like after the snow is gone but before the leaves come back in Spring.


This is what the mountains between Kamloops and Vancouver look like from above!


We landed in Vancouver and Koko thought the airport was HUGE!


Then we saw some HUGE animals!  Koko took this picture of mom.


Here’s a selfie with a Tiger, a Moose and a Mom!

2015-03-09 13.27.30

Koko liked Mr. Bear!

2015-03-09 13.27.09

Mom was inspired to howl with the wolf!

2015-03-09 13.24.58

My my, Mr. Wolf, what big Teeth you have!

2015-03-09 13.27.53

Yuck!  Mom went underwear shopping at a store with WAY too much pink!

2015-03-09 13.11.24

Koko felt very small in this big airport.  The ceilings were way, way up there!

2015-03-09 12.49.29

Koko found a really cool collection of Donald Duck toys at our departure gate.  We gave up on counting them because there were too many for baby tigers to count.

2015-03-09 14.01.28

We got onto ANOTHER plane on our way to a surprise place.

2015-03-09 11.32.03

Koko really liked seeing the super big mountains.

2015-03-09 15.55.11


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