Koko had no idea where they were flying, but he didn’t mind.  The plane trip alone was tons of fun!  But then the landscape outside got more and more interesting, a lot like San Diego.

2015-03-09 17.28.04

The plane got lower and lower and Koko saw a town.

2015-03-09 17.29.33

There was a long strip of BIG buildings.

2015-03-09 17.31.15

Then Koko heard the plane’s captain say, “Welcome to Las Vegas!”

Koko and mom got a shuttle and made their way to the Flamingo Hotel!  It had a lot of pink, way more than at the underwear store, but Koko didn’t mind.  He was dazzled by all the lights!

2015-03-09 19.21.14

Mom dressed into summer clothes because Las Vegas is much hotter than Kamloops, at least in the winter.

Mom stuck Koko in her sparkly bag because she was pretty sure some people would be spooked by a Tiger on the Las Vegas strip!

2015-03-09 20.02.24

Mom and Koko saw the world’s biggest ferris wheel and thought it would be VERY neat to ride.  Maybe on another night…

2015-03-09 20.22.20

Here is the hotel from across a very big intersection.  Koko had to be sure to hold hands when crossing.

2015-03-09 20.49.37

Koko was confused when he and mom saw the Eiffel Tower and said, “this must be Paris!” but mom told him there is a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas.  Silly tiger!

2015-03-09 20.49.45


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