More Vegas Fun

Mom and Koko spent three days hanging around Las Vegas and that was fun.

But one day Koko was surprised by Don showing up!  He and Koko hung out at the poolside at the Wynn Hotel and got some more rays.

2015-03-13 12.52.26

And do you remember how Koko wanted to go in the giant ferris wheel?  Well, he finally got his wish!  He could see ALL of Las Vegas, near and far.  He was so excited about the ride he took very few pictures. He figures he will always remember, in his tiger mind, how beautiful the lights were.

2015-03-12 19.56.44

Mom and Don really liked the ride too.  Koko took this picture of them. Mom wore that fancy dress she bought at Christmastime with Koko.  He thought she looked very pretty in it.  Don’t you agree?

2015-03-12 20.04.38

The trio walked all around Las Vegas that night and saw the beautiful sights. This picture was taken just outside the Bellagio Hotel, where they have the most amazing water fountains playing sometimes.

2015-03-12 23.09.20

Mom won money playing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine.  It’s a game only grownups can play because it takes a lot of maturity to play this game responsibly.  Koko just watched in amazement at how lucky mom was!

2015-03-13 18.13.10



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