Monthly Archives: August 2015

Taylor Swift!

Kiki joined Mom, Don, Donna and George for a really special trip to Vancouver to see Taylor Swift in concert. 

First they had to drive to Vancouver. Kiki liked the seeing motorbikes on the highway as he didn’t see them last time he traveled this road at Christmas. Mom said motorbikes can’t drive safely on snow.  

Kiki was mesmerized by the tall stone bluffs on the drive. 

At one point Kiki took a cat nap with George in the back seat. We could hear them snoring together! Aren’t they cute?


Kiki picked our dinner stop: the Shark Club! He liked seeing the big sharks along the ceiling and was really thankful they were only pretend sharks. This flame shark was his favourite. 


We drove over a big bride and Kiki tried counting all the cables. There were too many for him to count. Do you see him counting out loud?

Kiki saw Science World in Vancouver. Do you remember visiting there last Christmas?


Kiki giggled when he saw this stack of flattened cars. 
Kiki was annoyed to see so much graffiti in Vancouver. He growled and said if he did that at home he would have to clean it up and get a time out.  





Kiki and mom drove to a golf course and Kiki whispered an idea into mom’s ear. Mom was a bit nervous, but she understood his logic that the cart was definitely more tiger-sized than her car, which he drives all the time. 

Here we see Kiki starting up the cart in the parking lot.

We couldn’t find a small enough club, so Kiki golfed by bumping the balls into he hole after Don got them close.   
Kiki drove all around the course. He especially liked zooming down the rolling hills. 

So close, Don! Kiki nosed this one in the hole for a bogey, which means one stroke above par. 


Kiki and mom smile at Kiki’s “lucky ball.” It was a fun morning!

Kamloops Fun

Kiki and mom had to get some work done before they could play. So Kiki helped mom do some bookkeeping and leaned how to file a PST return with the government. What a smart tiger!


His treat for a job well done was to go swimming!  He was sort of scared of the pool at first and made some sad whimpering sounds, but mom told him Eli gladly swims in this pool with a safety rope installed. Kiki said he needed time to get comfortable with the pool and that was fine by mom. 


We made friends with unexpected guests from the east coast who came to use the pool too. Kiki thought these boys reminded him of Eli and Ryan. 

Look at the moon Kiki saw later that evening. He was disappointed his picture didn’t depict how big the moon looked to his eyes. He thought the moon over Kamloops looked like the moon his ancestors would have enjoyed in Africa and Siberia. 


Eli Visits Campbell River

Eli’s paternal Grandma wanted to visit her old mother win Campbell River and asked Eli to come along for a week. 

Eli was not sure about it and was even nervous at times, but mom convinced him he would have a lot of fun. 

The two made a deal to call every day and each take a tiger buddy like before. Mom took Kiki and promised to take lots of amazing photos of their adventures together again.