Kamloops Fun

Kiki and mom had to get some work done before they could play. So Kiki helped mom do some bookkeeping and leaned how to file a PST return with the government. What a smart tiger!


His treat for a job well done was to go swimming!  He was sort of scared of the pool at first and made some sad whimpering sounds, but mom told him Eli gladly swims in this pool with a safety rope installed. Kiki said he needed time to get comfortable with the pool and that was fine by mom. 


We made friends with unexpected guests from the east coast who came to use the pool too. Kiki thought these boys reminded him of Eli and Ryan. 

Look at the moon Kiki saw later that evening. He was disappointed his picture didn’t depict how big the moon looked to his eyes. He thought the moon over Kamloops looked like the moon his ancestors would have enjoyed in Africa and Siberia. 



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